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    Exercise In A Pill. Ground Breaking Findings

    Scientists have reported that the hormone irisin helps convert “white fat” to “brown fat”. Brown fat has typically been found only in small amounts in adults, but is common in babies and children. Brown fat burns calories into heat, a process known as thermogenesis.  According to researchers, they found a way to isolate irisin into […]

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Medical news report from New Orleans, LA uncovers MetabolicRx Therapy's proven method for a healthier life and permanent weight loss. See how its changed Gwen Brooks's life and listen to medical professionals weigh in on the program.


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"This program has been a wonderful adjunct to our medical practice. We now have one more treatment option in helping our patients meet their optimal health!"

- Dr Tiffany Anderson Terrell, DO
Chino Valley, CA

Charlie Borberg lost 61 lbs!

"The person I see in the 'after' picture is the real me that had been lost under all that stress and weight. I owe all my new found strength and increased stamina to the Metabolic Therapy Program. It has renewed my life for a second age 37!"

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We've been using MetabolicRx Therapy and it has helped us to grow our practice...we have received a new patient population...we can provide care that is in line with our mission...